Finding a Good Dentist

Finding a Good DentistDentists seem to sprout up on street corners here in Austin, Texas. At face value this is a good thing: more options means better options, right? Well, really it’s more likely that these more options just making finding a good option even more difficult. Fortunately for us we can find the best dentists around, if only we are willing to dig a little deeper and to use our technology to make good decisions for us.

When I first moved to Austin I was completely new to the city. I had to learn things the hard way. I had to find the good mechanics on my own, I had to restart my search for a family doctor on my own, and I had to find my dentist too. I ended up finding Parmer Lane Family Dentistry Austin TX and fell in love with their clinic. But how did I come to that conclusion? Well, the internet did most of the work for me.

Utilizing various search engines I managed to look up all of the dental offices in my immediate area, restricting my search to a span of five miles, and this one popped out to me. Now, the truth is that I did not go to them on the spot for all of my needs. I continued to do my research. From this list of offices in the area I called around and found out which ones accept my form of insurance. This narrowed down my list considerably as I have a rather picky form of insurance. With my narrowed down even more I began to do the real work.

Scouting out possible dentists is an important job, for real. They are in charge of your mouth, your appearance, and even deeper rooted health issues. Did you know that a lot of systematic diseases can start in the mouth? So it’s no joking matter to just pick a random dentist and assume they are the best ones on the block. With this in mind I made sure to canvas the area that I lived in for suggestions from people that had been living there for years. I looked online and read reviews. I compared these reviews to word of mouth from friends and coworkers. Eventually I was able to get a pretty good picture of just what these offices were offering me.

The last step I took to settle on Parmer Lane Family Dentistry Austin TX was to schedule a consultation. Parmer Lane was on my short list and I figured I could at least schedule a consultation. When I arrived the office was as described in reviews, the staff very helpful, and I ended up choosing them right there.

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